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First off, if we're gonna be besties you should know, all of my friends and family call me Jack, including my husband. I guess it's easier that way?

I am an Indianapolis based Wedding and Senior Photographer who will totally rock your face off with my super wicked awesome photography skills. Or something like that! ;)

After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Telecommunications from Ball State University (CHIRP! CHIRP!) just one month after marrying my soul mate, I decided quickly that my passion was not capturing moving pictures but still ones instead. So I changed up my plan and decided I wanted to freeze moments in time and create amazing images for amazing people. (Which is probably for the best because I'm a much better photographer than videographer.) A hopeless romantic with a punny sense of humor I find happiness in photographing romantic, fun, and real moments for my clients.

I watch way too much Netflix & Amazon Prime. My absolute faves to eat up our bandwith with are Supernatural, The Flash, Bones, Medium, Once Upon A Time, Parks and Rec, Jane the Virgin, and Criminal Minds.

I love to cook and before having a kid I could usually be found in the kitchen creating some sort of fun meal with the random ingredients we had in our kitchen. I find I have less time to cook than I want to now, but I'm starting to get back to it. (I've been bringing the iPad in the kitchen and streaming Netflix while I cook... because I have a problem.)

I'm definitely a nerd. I've seen almost all of the Marvel Superhero movies. Most of them more than once. I fangirl over tv shows like Supernatural. I also have a guilty pleasure for watching and analyzing music videos, the cheesier the better. I love me a good K-Pop music video. ( PSST! SECRET TRIVIA ALERT! I wanted to be a music video producer when I was studying video in college!)

My husband is my best friend. Our conversations are usually a bunch of inside jokes and Internet memes. We enjoy spending our very little free time watching Netflix and discussing the finer points of $10 wines and making home cooked meals. We have two crazy and amazing children. My step-son, Aldan, is 13 years old and obsessed with Minecraft and anything he can do on his gaming computer. Our 3 year old, Beckett, is a wild, crazy, Star Wars loving, Lego building, little ball of energy. He's growing up way too fast and getting way too sassy. I also have a little brat of a dog. He's a Yorkie. He is my fur child. His name is Buddy. He's also the biggest man-diva I've ever met.

Aside from my family, weddings are my life force. Sometimes I go to bed searching through endless photos on Instagram. But in all seriousness, I love weddings. And I love watching people's lives begin. My photography focus is on Weddings, Engagements, & Seniors. But I do take select portrait sessions as well.

For a more personal view into my life, business, and current work hop on over to my Blog, Facebook Page, or Instagram. You will definitely see my work but there's also a good chance you'll find adorable photos of a ginger toddler with a grin on his face. I mean, he is pretty cute!

If you want to talk more about pizza, television, photography, weddings, superheroes, or anything else shoot me an email. I'd love to meet with you over a bread bowl of soup at Panera Bread and chat with you!