I Believe In... Champagne & Glitter // And You Should Too

“She is bright like glitter and bubbly like champagne." // Kate Spade

I think Kate Spade was on the right track when she said that. So I am here today to spread at little champagne and glitter around on the internet and brighten up your Monday! I just want let you all know why I love the stuff so much! 

I mean, what can go wrong when you’re sipping champagne and throwing glitter?! Okay… so… yes… glitter is impossible to clean up so maybe you shouldn’t actually throw it but c’mon! I mean champagne in itself is the glitter of beverage world! And glitter just makes everything so sparkly! I find it difficult to frown when I’m drinking champagne surrounded by sparkly things. 

Which is why I believe in living a life of champagne and glitter.


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I Believe In... Fun // How To Have Fun During Portraits

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and… SNAP! The job’s a game!” // Mary Poppins

Sometimes having your photos taken can feel like a job! #AmIRight?! And even though I’m a photographer and I LOVE taking photos, I totally understand people not enjoying the idea of having their photo taken! (Pssst, let you in on a little secret, I’m actually a terrible subject and feel really awkward having my own photo taken!)

Most of my photo sessions are about two hours long. Think of anything un-fun you’ve had to do that lasted about two hours. (Waiting at the BMV. Lengthy doctors appointments. Folding laundry. That one required history class in college at 9AM.) I’m sure you do not think back on those two hours with fond memories. Asking someone who doesn't really enjoy having their picture taken to endure a two hour photo session is like asking them to go to a root canal, and then be happy while you’re doing it. I get it.

This is why I try to put having fun as one of the most important things during photo sessions or during portrait time at a wedding.


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I Believe In... The Perfect Wedding Day Timeline // Here's How To Do It

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” - Gandalf the Grey

Being punctual is something almost everyone strives to be. No one wants to be late to work or their friend’s party. But no one especially wants to be late to their own wedding. So why is it that all too often on wedding days things run behind? Some say it’s the nature of the beast. There are so many different friends, guests, vendors, and moving parts that things are bound to run a little bit behind. And while this is true I believe there is one way that you can herd the cats, drink your champagne, and still be on time. You can have fun and still stay organized with one thing.


The Perfect Wedding Day Timeline



I know it’s that cheesy phrase your college prep teacher told you, but it’s true!

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