Three Cheers to Eight Years // An Open Letter To My Spouse on Our Anniversary

“I’ve been with you such a long time. You're my sunshine and I want you to know that my feelings are true. I really love you. You're my best friend” // Queen



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Success vs. Failure // New Things Happening

“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” // Arthur Ashe

I’ve spent many weeks trying to write other blog posts that I’ve been wanting to release and every time I sit at the keyboard my fingers grace the keys but do not move. The truth is, my mind has just not been on the subjects I know I need to write about. When I decided to write about those subjects, they were 100% all I could think about. But lately my mind has been elsewhere. It’s said you’re supposed to write what you’re passionate about, whats on your mind, and write from the heart. So here it goes.


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Building Confidence & Getting Inspired

“This is my fight song, take back my life song, prove I’m alright song... And I don’t care if anybody else believes, cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me.” // Rachel Platten

In all corners of the world there are people lacking confidence in the all sorts of different ways. We all struggle with confidence. And anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar (well at least in my opinion). In a world where all put our best selves forward on social media it’s hard to believe that some people are struggling with confidence or struggling at all. But I assure you they are.

HuseWed WorkingPhotos 7

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New Experiences // Bridal Show Booth & Re-Cap


Either way I felt like I was going to crap my pants. For the entire two weeks up until my very first bridal show. I was so excited to finally have my brand, face, and work in front of dozens of potential brides but I was terrified because I had two weeks to prepare and I had nothing for a booth except some foam mounted prints, brochures, and business cards. And I didn't have a butt ton of money to spend on a big fancy booth. Especially considering how much the space itself cost. But I did have one thing.


I had this insane idea to turn an 8x8 square of black pipe and drape with a banquet table and two chairs into a beautiful booth. The idea was to make it homey. Make you want to come in, have a cup of tea, and sit around and chat. Kind of like my humble booth abode. And with some hard work, a lot of love, good friends and family, and a little magic my brain child came to life.


BridalShow HL 19 web

I have the best team ever!

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Where I've Been, Why I've Been Gone, + What I've Been Doing :: Part 1


So the last time I posted a legitimate blog post was the Vintage Country Vineyard styled shoot and before that it was Andy + Kim's engagement session. And that was back in April!! So what happened?! I was on a perfect blogging streak. Getting blog posts taken care of. Writing up a storm. And then... all of the sudden... I stopped. What happened? Well I'll tell you what happened.

BlogPhoto-4 SP 

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Feeling Lucky :: Birthday Wishes


Dear Husby,

Once again it's five days after our anniversary and your birthday has come around. And although you're one year closer to that dreaded age that means we're not in our 20's anymore, there is one word I could use to describe how I feel today on your day of birth.


Lucky. Fortuitous. Serendipitous. Whatever word you use, that is how I feel knowing I have had one more year to spend with you. 

bdayblog 0002

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Happy Easter :: Bunny Beckett!


Beckett decided to don his best bunny attire to wish everyone a Happy Easter! He hopes everyone gets awesome Easter baskets with fun toys and candy. He's hoping for a bath toy and some puffs! 

Enjoy these cute photos of Beckett I took for Easter!

Beckett Easter14-9 WEB

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Five Years :: Little Big Milestones


Five. Freaking. Years.

To some people it's only five years. It doesn't seem like that long in the grand scheme of life but to me five years is quite a milestone. Ever since I realized this year was Matthew's and my five year anniversary it's been hard to fully grasp on to the fact that I have somehow convinced someone to stay with me and put up with my crap for this long.

To me, five years seems like such an achievement. Aside from the fact that this has officially been my longest relationship, outlasting the five year on-and-off relationship I had with my ex-boyfriend that preceded Matthew. Five steady years seems a little crazy to me. I mean, so much can happen in five years. Heck, so much can happen in one year, let alone multiply that by five! (And I still don't know why he puts up with me!)

Let's also not forget that in the last year, so much has happened to us. It's hard to believe we had four other ones preceding this one. I'm not so eloquent with words. There's a reason I tell my stories through photos instead of writing them. Below is a collage of several snapshot (the ones I could readily find) taken of us last year including some milestones we experienced along the way.


anniversary blog 0012

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Chocolates :: Husby Gifts


No really, I do. All the other husbys out there think they're the greatest...


Okay, so I can't actually speak for the other husbys out there but I can speak about mine.

My husby brought me chocolates. Not just any chocolates... GOOD'S CHOCOLATES!

Chocolates-62 WEB

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Beckett :: Valentine's Day


That's what my little man says. 

In honor of the holiday of the heart Beckett donned his cutest V-Day outfit and hammed it up for the camera.

Granted he was pretty tired and cranky when we did these photos he still looked pretty adorable and I got at least one smile out of him!

Check out the rest of his cute little photo shoot!

Beckett VDay HL-1 WEB

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2014 Goals :: Styled Shoot Wrap Up


So as many of you may know last week was my very first styled shoot! (WHAT WHAT!) I expected it to be relaxing and less stressful than a wedding day and BOY was I wrong!

Not that it couldn't have been less stressful, it's just that in a true example of myself I was freaking out and constantly stressing about everything. The problem is I could photograph ALL DAY, no questions asked. But at this shoot I had models who were in uncomfortable clothing, vendors watching, and a venue donating their space to us. And honestly, the circumstances weren't that bad and I probably was overreacting but I like to push myself. So naturally I was Stress City.

 JSP GWS-137

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2014 Goals :: First Styled Shoot


Okay yeah... so I might be like super, ULTRA, MEGA pumped to participate in my first styled shoot. But it's only cause I'm working with an AWESOME creative team! 

Obviously the biggest secrets are still to be revealed but PLEASE keep tuned because this 1940's styled shoot is going to be pretty redic!!

Although I plan on having sneak peeks as soon as I possibly can please follow at #JSPStyledShoot on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see behind the scenes photos of the event. 

Otherwise stay tuned for the final reveal when the time comes!

Thank you again to the amazing creative team that made this vision come to life!

2013Moments 0022


Accent Floral Design | Cooper Events | Cakes By Cathy, Inc | KJ's Vintage Button Bouquets

Omni Severin Hotels + Resorts | Something Blue Stylists | LGi Linens | Violet Vintage

Sage's Simple Syrups | Antique Limo


I can't wait to work with each and every one of you tomorrow BRIGHT AND EARLY! It's going to be a blast! 

Until then, keep rockin' JSP fans!

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2013 :: A Year In Review


So many things happened this year...

  • Photographed my first New Year's Eve wedding
  • I finished out my pregnancy
  • Taylor Swift Concert
  • Beckett was born (July 22, 2013!!)
  • Photographed 7 amazing weddings with 7 amazing clients!
  • Beckett's First Halloween
  • Justin Timberlake Concert
  • Beckett's First Christmas
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • ...And so much more!

Here is a year in review in photos. A compilation of iPhone photos, wedding outtakes, and Facebook photos.

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what we remember :: happy mother's day

So I'm sitting here blogging and giving my mom the best Mother's Day present ever.

That is of course sleeping in with my snuggly little dog. Best. Gift. Ever. Daughter of the year award right here!

So I'm thinking about Mother's Day and becoming a mom and what kind of crazy crap I put my mom through and I thought to myself, "Do I really want to do this?"

I mean, seriously! Do I really want to deal with all of the crazy I'm about to be subjected to? Do I really want to wipe up poopy diaper butt? Clean toys that aren't mine? Make dinner for a small mouth every night? Do homework? Get yelled at for not being able to go out that night? All of the crazy?

I'll bet you're thinking the next thing I'm going to say is, "Of course I do!"


One of the few photos I have of myself and my step-son. It's hard when usually I'm on the other side of the camera. :)

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not taking things for granted :: birthday love


I write this blog post in honor of you.

Five short days after our anniversary always comes one thing...

The glorious day of your birth.

Today we celebrate as you turn 28. A mile marker on the highway of the long life I intend to spend with you.


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four years :: happy anniversary

It's hard to believe it's already been three years. Realistically four years.

Three years since I sat nervously in my hotel room, having my hair done, putting on a white dress.

Three years since I walked down that long grass aisle to meet up with your embrace I had been waiting for all day.

Three years since I married you, my best friend.

Photo By: Mike Taylor Photography

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small furry things :: spoiled brat

As many of you know I am the owner of one:

Very adorable
Very furry
Spoiled Brat

Yorkie named Buddy. He tends to be a snuggle-butt. And frequently can be found in the arms of my mother snuggling like a professional.


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early birthday :: little surprises

So maybe my birthday is still 2.5 months away.

So maybe my mom has an addiction.

So maybe she also has a problem with keeping secrets + waiting until holidays + events to give people gifts.

I do not care! Today something came in the mail and it was supposed to be my birthday present. And for those of you who don't know, my birthday is June 16th. So we still have a ways to go.

At first when she pulled it out of the box I thought it was a real lens. I just thought to myself, "How the heck did she afford that?!" For those of you who don't know, this lens costs around $2,500! So I was wondering who she killed to get that kind of money just handy!


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mini-christmas :: printed products

Today something came in the mail, and for me, it's like a Mini-Christmas. 

Printed Products.

For some reason, I love it when printed products come in the mail. It's like something I dreamed up in my head + designed on the computer is a reality.

Today my baby shower invites came in the mail. I used my baby gender announcement photos for my baby shower invites; and I was pretty proud of them if I do say so myself. 


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indiana weather :: spring snow

Okay, for those of you "non-Hoosiers" out there. We have a common phrase here in Indiana.

"If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes, it will change."

And as everyone knows, it's supposed to be spring. (Or at least according to the calendars, that's what it says.)

Last year, we had record highs of 80 degrees on St. Patrick's Day. And now today we have this...


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