Indianapolis Butler University Holcomb Gardens Couples & Family Session // Rush-Harris Family

"Where there is love, there is life." // Mahatma Ghandi

I had so much fun spending time and photographing Lindsey & Katie for their engagement/couples/family session a few weeks ago at Holcomb Gardens on the Butler University Campus! When Lindsey & Katie approached me to photograph their wedding reception they saw that all of my packages included an engagement session. When they told me they had already eloped in 2017 they weren't sure if they needed an "engagement session" per se because technically they were no longer engaged! But I explained to them the importance of a portrait session prior to the wedding day so we can get to know each other and meet up. They opted to do a family/couples session and I'm so glad they did! It was so great getting to know their little family and hanging out with them before the wedding. And despite the Indiana weather's BEST efforts we were still able to squeeze something in prior to the reception with a beautiful sunset and temperatures that somewhat resembled Spring time! 

Lindsey & Katie met at St. Francis Hospital about 4 years ago. Lindsey was working as a Physician's Assistant in Cardiac Surgery and Katie as Social Worker. Katie's Step-Father was going in for heart surgery and Lindsey assisted on his surgery... she even held his heart in her hands! While it's pretty hard to go backwards from that they started as friends. Soon enough friends grew to more and now here we are! 

Despite the fact that both Katie & Lindsey thought that getting engaged around the holidays was pretty cheesy Katie decided to switch out was was to be a fashion ring for Lindsey for Christmas to an engagement ring, Katie said she thinks it's the only time she was able to keep a secret from Lindsey! Needless to say Lindsey was shocked, obviously she said "yes", and the rest is history!

So guys, gals, and all of my non-binary pals (thanks Thomas Sanders for that one!) let me introduce to you Lindsey, Katie, Addi, & Elle... just about the cutest little family to grace my lenses. 

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Carmel High School 2017 Seniors :: Kristin + Phoebe

We do not need magic to change the world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already. We have the power to imagine better.” - J.K. Rowling

A couple weekends ago I spent a magical Saturday with two very amazing high school seniors photographing their senior portraits. We had a wonderful time traveling all around Carmel from the Arts + Design district to Cool Creek Park. The two of them came prepared with two absolutely adorable outfits and fun props. Including a yellow vintage VW Bug convertible! When you have two step-sisters that have birthdays only a month apart it only made sense to have their photo session together. Despite the heat these two gals rocked out some amazing portraits and I’m so excited to share them with you!

PhobeKris Seniors Blog 01

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Pendleton Family Session // Siegrist Family

“Run with a child, like a child, through a field.” // Heather Cahoon

As most of you may know, I don’t frequently photograph families and I especially don’t frequently photograph children. There are, however, a few exceptions. One is when they’re already close friends and/or family. The other, like in this situation, is when they have been clients of yours since the very beginning. Trusting their faith in your skill, even when you didn’t really have any! I’ve been photographing Amanda and Tony since they were just a couple. They got engaged and I photographed them again. And then although I didn’t photograph their wedding, they still came to me to photograph their sweet little family. I didn’t photograph their wedding because when they lived in Ohio. Which is the even better, most amazing, thing about them. THEY TRAVEL FROM OHIO TO HAVE MY PHOTOGRAPH THEM EVERY TIME! They’re absolutely the sweetest people I’ve ever met, so it was obvious when they had their little girl I was absolutely thrilled to photograph their family. So while, no, I am not a children’s and family photographer... sometimes, you make exceptions. This family is an exception.

SiegristFam Blog 01

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Pendleton Falls Park Family Session // Huse Family

“Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.”

These people are some of my favorite people ever. I love all of my clients but these people aren’t just clients, they aren’t just friends, and they aren’t really family. They’re assumed family. I don’t have any first cousins in my family. I know, it’s crazy but neither of my parents’ only siblings ever had any kids. So I grew up cousin-less. I had some second cousins here and there but they were all in different states and countries and I just didn’t get to have those experiences with them like most people have with their cousins. One day while looking on Facebook I noticed that with all of the Huse brothers, their wives, plus Connie and Andy, I am friends on Facebook with more Huses than I am Huffs (my maiden name). I told this to Ashley and jokingly said, “You guys are kind of like the cousins I never had!” So part friends, part family; this group is a group of some of my most favorite people.

Normally I don’t do big family sessions. I usually max out around five to six people, and that’s only if they have a lot of kids. But when Connie contacted me to photograph her family it was because she recently found out her youngest son, who had been living in California after enlisting in the Marine Corps, was about to be deployed. He got one trip back home before he was deployed and Connie realized they hadn’t had photos done in several years. So many so, her middle son’s wife wasn’t even part of them! Of course I was happy to document the Huse family. I knew it was going to be a challenge because when you put all three Huse brothers together in a room it usually means ridiculous and inappropriate things are going to happen. It also means taking their photos when its cold, wet, and windy is even more difficult. But we made it through and I am happy to have photographed them before the youngest Huse boy was deployed.

HuseFam SP 1 WEB

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Bull Creek District Park Portrait Session // Austin Minis

“There is a freedom you begin to feel the closer you get to Austin, Texas.” // Willie Nelson

As most of you know I recently I was fortunate enough to photograph a wedding out in Austin, Texas. And as a first time traveler to Austin I was both terrified and in love with the city. While Austin is downright beautiful this midwestern girl struggled a bit traveling on the highways in Texas. Needless to say, there are a lot of overpasses and they can get quite scary! Sorry Austin peoples... these are just the facts.

However, traveling on these terrifying roads led to a lot of fun and amazing things though. Like my first time trying In-N-Out Burger, making amazing new friends, and catching up with some awesome people for my Austin Mini Sessions!

In June 2014 I second shot a wedding with Conforti Photography where I met Leslie + Amanda. Two amazingly beautiful women with equally beautiful souls! When Leslie saw I was going to being ATX she definitely wanted to book a mini session! And then Leslie told the woman she nannies for about the sessions and she booked too!! It was definitely fun catching up with Leslie + Amanda again and then meeting Leigh + Robin and their adorable little kiddos!

AustinMinis Blog 01

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State Fair Mini Sessions // 2015

Sunsets, ferris wheels, & elephant ears... OH MY!

All of the most amazing things can always be found every summer at The Indiana State Fair. While you may be able to find those things somewhere else, to me, nothing compares to the fair. I remember as a kid always being super excited to go to the State Fair with my grandma. Every time I go back I get this warm sense of feeling like I'm at home. So it was only logical that when I held summer mini sessions they would be at the State Fair. I loved it so much that I can't wait to offer them again this year!! 

Heid FairMinis SP 6 WEB

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Pendleton Falls Park Family Session // The Richman Family


What a better way to spend Father’s Day than having first birthday photos done of your sweet little girl with your beautiful wife?! Well that’s what the Richman’s did this year on Father’s Day. It was only natural that we met up since I photographed their Gender Reveal and their Maternity Photos last year! But this time Kim, James, and Layla met me at my favorite little park in Pendleton all the way from Chicago and we captured some of them with their sweet little girl the day after her birthday. Of course their adorable little pup Chester tagged along too! It was hot, humid, and muggy but we made it out alive without a baby that was too cranky! I call this session a win!

RichmanFam SP 7 WEB

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Amanda + Tony :: Maternity


You know how when you buy something new you suddenly start noticing tons of people have the same thing? Or when you finally are introduced to something new you finally notice you've been surrounded by said object all your life and you just never noticed?

Well the same thing goes for babies. 

Once you get pregnant and have a baby all the sudden there are babies EV-ER-Y-WHERE! All of your friends are having babies. The friends you have that already have children, suddenly their kids' photos show up in your Facebook newsfeed more, there seems to be an increase in cute babies at the local store. Your Pinterest is flooded with newborn and kid photos.


So it was no surprise that once I found out I was pregnant with Beckett several of my past clients were also pregnant with their first children. Loretta + Blake had their first little one this year. Paige + Emilio. And of course, Amanda + Tony. 

Amanda + Tony are unique clients in that they live in Ohio but drive here to Indy for me to photograph them on a regular basis. So when I was running a special it was no surpise that I had an inbox from Amanda wanting me to photograph her maternity photos. 

Of course I was super pumped because she wanted to do winter maternity photos in the snow so I was just in a winter photographer wonderland. It was so much fun photographing these two. And although being bogged down with work and taking care of my own child I didn't deliver their photos until the weekend they had little Adalyn the end result was still incredible.

Siegrist Maternity SP-8 WEB

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Kim + James :: Gender Reveal


Which is it? So many parents-to-be anticipate this moment where they find out if they're going to be buying pink or blue. (Or whatever strikes your fancy for your gender!) It's a pivitol moment in your pregnancy and I know I very highly anticipated the moment we found out we were having a sweet little boy. If you remember, we did our own gender reveal photographing myself eating some delicious Gigi's cupcakes. (Mmm...) But in this instance I had the honor and priviledge to be in the moment with this lovely couple as they found out if they were having a boy or a girl.

Kim and James are old time friends of mine. Kim was roommates with my childhood friend Kari back in our Freshman year at Ball State. They hit it off pretty well and stayed roommates for years after they left the dorms. Due to my friendship with Kari that sort of rebirthed in college I became good friends with Kim. Kim and James met while we were attending school and their relationship has blossomed and grown through graduation, grad school, and a big move to The Windy City for Kim's new "big girl job" upon graduation. Of course when Kim told me she was pregnant I was thrilled for her. And even more so thrilled and honored when she asked me to photograph not only their gender reveal but their maternity photos in June of 2014. So keep your eyes peeled for an extra special Chicago maternity session featuring this adorable couple!

For their gender reveal they decided to throw colored powder in the air depending on the gender. They brought along assistants to throw the powder for them so they wouldn't know the actual gender until the powder was in the air. It was a surprise for not only the people who would view the photos later but for themselves too. So cool! After they threw the gender specific color they threw the other color in a good old fashioned color fight! 

Watch the reveal unfold!

KimJames GenderReveal-40 WEB

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2013 :: family + maternity favorites

So it's that time of year again...

Time for the top favorite photos of the previous year to be featured on the blog! This is always one of my favorite but most tedious parts of the year. (Which is why it takes me until the third week in January to release them! This year we've added a new category: FAMILY + MATERNITY. I had some pretty kick ass family/maternity sessions this year and I really wanted to make sure I showed them off.

Over the next 4 days, including today there will be 4 posts featuring the top photos of 2013. The blog posts will release as follows:

Family + Maternity

Posted Today


Posted tomorow, 01.15.2014


Posted Thursday, 01.16.2014

and finally...


Posted Friday, 01.17.2014

SO! Let's get this party started with the top 15 family + maternity favorites of 2013. These are SOMEWHAT in order of the most favorite. But let's be honest, every client, every session, every wedding... they all ROCK!

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