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Loretta + Blake where do I start with this super cute couple?! Blake is such a sweetheart even if he barely says a single word! And Loretta has such attention to detail but is so much fun + possibly the nicest person I've ever met! They make such a perfect couple together. It's very obvious that they had been waiting awhile for this day and I felt so honored to have been there with them on their special day!

Loretta + Blake had a beautifully planned entirely outdoor wedding with several antique details hand-picked by Loretta from several trips to several antique shops.

They had their wedding at a location in Kokomo called The O-ACE-IS, at first glimpse it may not seem like much. But it's blank canvas of outdoor greenery equipped with a small pond, large bridge, and outdoor reception space creates for a beautiful wedding location that can be decorated to any decor taste!

Poor Loretta almost cried several times on her wedding day because unfortunately all day, up until the ceremony, Hurricane Issac gave a rain, rain, and a little more rain. Who says Indiana doesn't get the effects of hurricanes? 

I think although it rained and the day didn't turn out exactly how Loretta had envision, it was a beautiful wedding and at the end of the day they were married and were able to begin their lives together. 

This is one of my favorite moments of the day, check out the rest of their beautiful "country chic" wedding!

Carter BG HL-25

I loved her attire details. Her dress was lovely! Of course she had to wear her cowboy boots, it was ONLY fitting! And I loved it! I love how much of her personality is in every inch and nook and cranny of this wedding!

carter dress

I'll have to admit, I know I'm playing favorites, but her bouquet is probably one of my favorites yet. I love the colors and the arrangement. PLUS I love the detail she put into the bouquet with the handkerchief, pearls, and brooch! 

carter flowers

 It was obvious how excited Loretta was to finally put on her dress and it wasn't a "fitting" anymore, it was for real. Even if she had a gaggle of people in a small bathroom helping her get the corset tightened and tied up!

Carter GetReady HL-11

I absolutely LOVE these earrings. Way adorable, PLUS they had a vintage flair which totally matched the style of the wedding! Nice choice Loretta!

Carter GetReady HL-30

Loretta + Blake opted to do a "first look" and see each other prior to the ceremony in efforts to have time to do portraits before the reception. Loretta was so adorable, she cried like a baby when she saw Blake for the first time all schnazzed (that's a technical term you know!) up in his tux! They had a very touching moment together!

Carter FirstLook HL-9

I love this photo of them! The skies cleared up and we had some time to get some photos of just the two of them. Beautiful. Blake, he's so cute!

Carter BG HL-80

Remember when I said Loretta was detail oriented? She had her family help her build this frame to hang the windows and flowers. It turned out absolutely beautiful. Loretta left no stone un-turned. I love this backdrop AND I love that I was able to wrap all the way around the ceremony space for optimal angles and photo opportunities. 

Carter Ceremony HL-8

The table in front of the alter was completed with so many details, including Loretta's personal bible open to a special scripture they read at their ceremony.

Carter Ceremony HL-89

Loretta walked down the aisle halfway by herself and then met her Dad at the other half because he had broken his foot prior to the wedding and could not walk as easily as before. I love how excited she looks heading towards her father and her soon to be husband! (This was prior to the tears that ensued once the ceremony began!)

Carter Ceremony HL-34

Again, Loretta had every detail planned out! She told me that she shopped at A LOT of antique shops to get all of her little details. Including this Pepsi crate!

Carter RecepDetails HL-13

carter details

I have to say, I love me a gorgeously simple cake! I am a true believer that cakes do not need a whole lot of razz and jazz to be beautiful. I love how they brought the outdoors to their cake with the floral arrangement!

carter cake

Beautiful cake, PLUS cupcakes?! I've died and gone to delicious sweets heaven! (Trust me, it's a good place to be!) They had four, count 'em, FOUR types of cake. The large cake was a spice cake, then they had vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry cupcakes! Talk about something for everyone! The spice cake was my fave. Deeeeeliccccious!

Carter Cake HL-27

Their evening continued with toasts, dinner, and a lot of dancing. Complete with her brother and his friends dressing up as bunnies and dancing around the party. It was a wonderful night and I think everyone had a fabulous time. AND, the rain let up just in time for the ceremony and the rest of the evening was beautiful weather! I truly enjoyed attending Loretta + Blake's wedding day, even if it was a little soggy! ;) 


Loretta + Blake, we wish you all of the happiness in the world. We can't wait to see what will come of you two in the future! Keep rockin' you two!


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